My Last Post @ this account

Guys its been an interesting adventure to be posting here for a while. The reality of things  is i don´t have enough time during the week to be posting as i would like or as i think it would be of some added value to many of you. I hate blogs and twitter accounts with blank spots during the year so i am not going to become one of those,  sorry.

Managing a nice twitter account/timeline takes a lot of time creating, finding,  and selecting the posts, filtering spam,involve in conversations and creating some real value. I just don´t have that time right now. I don´t sell any service over here or ever planed to do so , so basically it is,  or it was,  a nice experiment to interact with some of you.

For those of you who don´t know me,  i still will be in my personal account @pabloweyler where sometimes i could post some interesting market info /charts/comments along with entrepreneurship , economics and HR data , but not on a regular basis sorry- that´s a personal account and… finding a better work/life balance is my number one milestone for this 2015.

I hope that maybe just one of my posts has helped you sometime and wish you the best of lucks in any stage of trading you are  right now. The blog will stay live least for now.

Have a nice year.













World Stocks Indexes Long term charts update

ESP35 - Primary Analysis - Dec-12 1356 PM (1 week) GER30 - Primary Analysis - Dec-12 1355 PM (1 week) HKG33 - Primary Analysis - Dec-12 1400 PM (1 week) ITA40 - Primary Analysis - Dec-12 1357 PM (1 week) NAS100 - Primary Analysis - Dec-12 1403 PM (1 week) NAS100 - Primary Analysis - Dec-12 1404 PM (1 week) UK100 - Primary Analysis - Dec-12 1400 PM (1 week) USOil - spx - Dec-12 1341 PM (4 hour)


#WTI #OIL is cheap

On April as everybody was bullish and talking a 150$ Oil technical analysis was signaling a sell as I mentioned here

Now everybody is bearish Oil and every analyst from China to Argentina are explaining why Oil price is Ok at $60 levels.(Oil is NOT ok at $60),   And how the industry will consolidate and many companies disappear. Well, we can have 2 or 3 dollars more to the south on Oil but we will get to a floor soon. It could be a slow bottom or a V bottom, that we will never know before, but this price levels are the best chance to buy Oil for the last 4 years and will be the best for the following 10-15 years.

Of course technical analysis and me could be both wrong but that is what trading is about, probabilities. You don´t buy when prices are expensive , you buy when is cheap, and for me now Oil is cheap.



Have a nice week.


UKOil - Primary Analysis - Nov-30 1720 PM (1 week) USOil - Bullish - Nov-30 1721 PM (1 week)



Euro Stocks seem to be basing for a rip higher

ESP35 - Primary Analysis - Nov-12 2051 PM (6 hour) GER30 - Primary Analysis - Nov-12 2054 PM (6 hour) ITA40 - Primary Analysis - Nov-12 2051 PM (6 hour)


Updated Charts

ESP35 - Primary Analysis - Nov-09 1152 AM (1 week) EURUSD - Primary Analysis - Nov-09 1153 AM (1 day) ITA40 - Primary Analysis - Nov-09 1152 AM (1 week) NAS100 - Primary Analysis - Nov-09 1155 AM (1 day) SPX500 - Bullish - Nov-09 1147 AM (1 day) USDollar - Bullish2 - Nov-09 1205 PM (1 day) USDollar - Bullish2 - Nov-09 1212 PM (1 day) USOil - Bullish - Nov-09 1157 AM (1 week) XAGUSD - Primary Analysis - Nov-09 1207 PM (1 week) XAUUSD - Primary Analysis - Nov-09 1206 PM (1 week)


Updated Charts

AUDUSD - Primary Analysis - Nov-02 1432 PM (1 day) EURUSD - Primary Analysis - Nov-02 1445 PM (1 week) EURUSD - Primary Analysis - Nov-02 1447 PM (1 day) NAS100 - Primary Analysis - Nov-02 1432 PM (1 day) SPX500 - Bullish - Nov-02 1440 PM (1 week) USOil - Bullish - Nov-02 1422 PM (1 week) USOil - Intermarket - Nov-02 0742 AM (1 day) XAGUSD - Primary Analysis - Nov-02 1444 PM (1 day) XAUUSD - Primary Analysis - Nov-02 1444 PM (1 day)


Crude Oil, still weak but the best buying opportunity ever at 73 zone.#wti #crude #oil

USOil - Bullish - Nov-02 1422 PM (1 week)


Like US stocks? Don´t buy here, wait for the pullback

The charts from last week were right about new highs before another correction.

I have made some changes to the primary count on both US and Euro Stocks. If you think it´s all clear for a 10% rally into years end ,well… think again, or look at the chart below.

After the Tsunami of QEs from Japan is clear that world central banks are far from letting markets work their way, so this are the rules, you can play or not.

From my technical point of view,  the most important thing this week  in US stocks was that a floor was set at the previous correction low. 1800s for Sp500 and 3700s for Nasdaq100.

They are very important now as they must hold for this counts to be valid. Any action below this lows turns to a most bearish scenario for the next 2 or 3 years.

So, are buying US stocks with the new highs? No way. Not today , not tomorrow, not this week or the other.

We should have a strong pullback  close to the 1900s and 3900s zones, that would be a buy opportunity into next year  before another bigger correction (+- 20%) into the end of 2015.

So, i think we are far from buy and hold if you look at 1 ,2 or 3 years horizon, its trading time again guys but only for swing opportunities, scalp/intraday trading is done for most of us humans, that´s machines and brokers business now, but that its for another post!


Have a nice weekend






Some charts to be careful about shorts in stocks into years end and early 2015

NAS100 - Primary Analysis - Oct-26 1741 PM (1 day)AUS200 - Primary Analysis - Oct-26 1751 PM (1 week) ESP35 - Primary Analysis - Oct-26 1748 PM (1 day) GER30 - Primary Analysis - Oct-26 1747 PM (1 day) ITA40 - Primary Analysis - Oct-26 1749 PM (1 day) JPN225 - Primary Analysis - Oct-26 1749 PM (1 day)  UK100 - Primary Analysis - Oct-26 1749 PM (1 day) SPX500 - Bullish - Oct-26 1752 PM (1 week)



AUDUSD - Primary Analysis - Sep-22 1534 PM (1 day)